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The Balance of Individuality

on August 22, 2011

I hear it all around me. People struggling to be just like everyone else. I live in the heart of it when I’m home with two teenaged girls finding their place in the world.

But did you know there’s a balance to individuality?

Common sense tells us that to think the world could be made of one sort of people would be ridiculous. We’ve heard since grade school it’s our differences that made us stand out. If that’s true, why do we try so hard to be like everyone else? Why work so hard to keep up with the Joneses?

My best thinking seems to happen in the shower. I’m an oddity of sorts. I can’t step into my own shower without a rag down on the floor for me to stand on. Call me crazy, call me odd but that’s my own individuality and my own neurosis, if you will, at work. My daughter likes to wear different earrings and different socks. That’s her own individuality at work. My other daughter twists her hair as she goes to sleep. She also seems to be able to function on less sleep than most people. That’s her individuality at work.

So where does the whole issue of ‘fitting in’ fit into this? Answer: It doesn’t. Because who wants to or needs to fit in when we are all born to stand out!

The upswing to all of this, as I tell my girls, is there is such freedom in being your own person. Thomas Edison, I’m sure, had his quirks that made him stand out. It may even have made others reject him. Yet, look at  his accomplishments. Same with Christopher Columbus and so many others who’ve made history. These people did NOT make history just by doing something great. They made history by BEING great and being themselves. There is tremendous freedom in that! Freedom from what others think allows you to do what you were made to do.

It’s even a Biblical preference where the Bible talks about one plants, another waters, another reaps….we are not made to be the same. Imagine a world of all planners and no executors. Imagine a world where everyone was creative and no one was scientific. I daresay one would easily cancel out the other for without the science and the technological know-how, there can be little to create.

Yes, I know I’m reaching here but I’m sick of people thinking it’s ok to everyone else, to be like everyone else. THAT’S HOW MOST OF US GOT INTO DEBT! Think about it.

Be creative enough to break away. Plan far enough ahead to make it happen. Learn the technology to bring the real you to the foreground. Do not be afraid to be your own individual self and know that you were created to be just like you because you have your own place and your own mark to make in the world. Know that what you have is there to be a compliment to what someone else has in order to get a job done. Don’t shirk. Don’t wish to be like so-and-so. So-and-so was created in order so that you might be to fulfil your purpose. You see, it’s my belief that what you have inside of you is there for someone like me to feed off of. And I have qualities in me that you need.

So be yourself. Stop trying to be like anyone else. You were made with all your quirk, all your oddities, all  your neurosis for a reason and a purpose that no one else can fill. In fulfilling that purpose, you bring balance to the world.

What a cool concept!


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