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Top Ten Desserts

on August 29, 2011
Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

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I was challenged to make a list of my top ten desserts. Here they are (in random order):

1. Pumpkin Ice Cream – because there’s nothing like pie and ice cream meshed together

2. Tiramisu – because I have to have it as often as I can

3. Peppermint Ice Cream – Christmas in a frozen dessert

4. Cheesecake – Heaven on earth

5. Any pastry from a Mexican deli – Cheap, not overly sweet and oh so yummy!

6. Chocolate chocolate chip ice cream – Ladled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

7. Whipped Cream – Straight from a can, baby!

8. Proper Hot Chocolate – Topped with whipped cream, stirred with a cinnamon stick or peppermint stick

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberry – Only from Long Grove Confectionary, Long Grove, Il.

10. Puppy Chow – The ultimate in study snack food!


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