A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……

Fly Away!

on September 1, 2011

Driving home today, I reached a corner and saw a bird flying over the Grayslake water tower. For some reason, this struck me with the feeling of complete liberation and as I watched it circle over and over, I began to smile.

They’re simple enough creatures. They fly over us possessing a power we’ve not yet harnessed but have long sought after. They do this with skill and ease and we watch and are jealous. I was jealous. I wanted to be that bird. I wanted my life to be simplified to the degree theirs are.

Consider, they feed only when they’re hungry and always find food. They have no need for refrigerators or technology nor do they feel the need to store up ‘just in case’ like we do. When it’s time to go, they’re ready in a heartbeat and leaving is no problem for them. They own nothing but their own bodies and the freedom to soar ever higher escaping the stresses of life we hold near and dear to our existence.

When trouble comes, when they are surrounded with danger, they look to the earth to protect them taking refuge in her glorious mountains or dainty, willowy trees. They fear nothing. They only know what is instinctual to them. Food, family, desire, love, hate, rage, passion….they are free from these things.

I don’t wish to always be free like they are but I do wish for the freedom to rise above it all and gain a new perspective when life crushes against me. I wish for my own wings and the courage to soar high. I look for new momentum always keeping my face towards the sun. I relish the liberation of knowing that my needs are provided for if only I know to look in the right places. I desire to mate with my equal and endure the passage of time.

To soar – that is my goal in this life. And I plan to take as many with me as I can.


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