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Ten Things About My Girls…..

on September 12, 2011

Shelby, 13
1. I love that she’s totally confident in herself. 
2. I love how she has her own sense of style, her own look and she’s not ashamed to try new things with her look. 
3. I love that she reads. 
4. I love her work ethic. 
5. I love her constant hugs and kisses (even though she’s going to be 14, I still get them). 
6. I love her honesty. 
7. I love seeing the world through her eyes: she cares but she’s an activist. She won’t be one of those who sits and gets discouraged. 
8. I love that she believes she has the ability to change the world around her. 
9. I love her infectious giggle. 
10. I love her sense of loyalty. 

Emilie, 12
1. I love her ever questioning ways. 
2. I love her ability to take her world and bring color and design to it. 
3. I love her drive and her desire to do her best. 
4. I love her honesty and her boldness to be honest even in the face of confrontation. 
5. I love (and will someday miss) the little girl in her. 
6. I love that she truly desires to be friends with everyone. 
7. I love that she loves to cuddle up with me. 
8. I love her quirky sense of humor. 
9. I love the heart she has for those hurting and her desire to heal. 
10. I love her very unselfish ways. 

1. I love how different they are. 
2. I love how unselfish they are. 
3. I love how respectful they are. 
4. I love how trustworthy they are. 
5. I love that they both want to help others in need. 
6. I love their incredible love for their family. 
7. I love their extreme intelligence. 
8. I love that they challenge me and make me think. 
9. I love hearing their conversations (when they’re actually conversing and not arguing, that is). 🙂
10. I love their faces!


3 responses to “Ten Things About My Girls…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    You hit the nail on the head. They are all of the above.


  2. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed reading it very much.

    Feel free to share this poem as well. Thanks again for posting this.

    Today’s Poem – Raining Purple Rain


  3. Heather says:

    it made her cry. But I truly meant what I wrote about her here. Happy Sunday Mary!M: Are you the M from New York??? hmmm makes me think who you are hahah.. but yeah for sure you are in my jar already M. You cnmientmog here makes you a real friend… so there! haha!Chaya: Thank you for the kind words. I know you don’t eat most of the postings I have but you are so sweet to come visit me still. Im glad I found some microwave alliance here haha. Some frown upon the use of microwave but hey it comes in handy all the time!chef_d: Heya D. Great to see you..I loved it.. you must try it. My hubs just came back and brought home some MaryGrace ensaymada, so Im making this again.Joanne: That’s so true! And can you imagine “us” on the blogworld.. how we stumble into each other’s blogs and become friends. When we meet personally it would be more of a reunion than a first meeting haha!Christine: Thank you, I give her the credit as she is working so hard. Hope she gets to a good grad school… btw, there’s a sister rivalry in the house now that my daughter is an incoming Bruin… it’s funny how they taunt each other. Megan Caroll: I only deliver within the United States haha… Just kidding! Great to see you!Caroline: yeah my weekend is doing great as hubs is back…


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