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The Last Acceptable Form of Bullying

on October 2, 2012

I love this woman!!! Bullying against overweight people is the last UN-ADDRESSED form of bullying! The media does it! The government allows it! Our kids, boys and girls, die from it through anorexia and bulimia. And Hollywood thinks it’s a joke! It’s time to stand up to this! Like Jennifer said, you don’t know me or why I’m overweight. You don’t know if I have a medical condition, or perhaps I’ve just lost a ton of weight and you’re seeing me on my way to my goal. Who are you to judge me as being worthless because I’m overweight.

Hollywood and media support this by promoting super skinny models, air-brushing photos and allowing television sitcoms to make fun of overweight people. We’re the butt of every joke, especially girls. Hollywood thinks it’s funny to put overweight female characters in positions of being “the joke date” – you know, the girl who shows up to the blind date but gets her heart broken because no self-respecting dude will ever consider being with THAT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

There are so many things this woman could have said to this swine. Instead, she turned it around into a positive message. Kudos to her, her husband and her three beautiful daughters.

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV.


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