A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……


on October 16, 2012

My nephew, Alex, was born with a ticklish rib. What I mean by that is he’s always got something to say and it’s always funny! 

So my sister and I were getting ready to have a girls day out. Her husband was in the basement relaxing when she sent her son down to him to get some cash. He went to the top of the stairs and yelled, “Hey, Dad, Mom needs some money!” 

My brother-in-law, always a smooth guy (and the best brother a girl can have) replied, “What for?” 

Not skipping a beat, my nephew quipped, “I don’t know! She’s a woman! They always need money!” 

Ahhh, gotta love my Hairboy!


One response to “Hairboy!!

  1. henderliz says:

    LOL! I forgot about that!


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