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Dear God….

on October 24, 2012

English: Broccoli and its cross section isolat...

I’ve always known I’m going to Heaven after this life is done. It’s a family thing. My dad, who has little to no hair, is aerodynamically designed to go straight up! But I have to say this life is not all that easy.

So I’m slowly creating a list of things to discuss with God once I’m up there. For example, why does chocolate taste so good but is not too healthy yet broccoli doesn’t always taste good and is good for you? Especially for a girl, chocolate can be extremely important. I know it. You, my readers, know it. Even J.K. Rowling knows it! The one thing that help Harry recover from a dementor attack was chocolate!

Dark chocolate is good and it’s good for you, in small amounts. But have you ever put a Dove milk chocolate in your mouth, let it slowly melt and then take a sip of coffee? The combination of chocolate and coffee is divine!!!

Why couldn’t water taste like chocolate? Then everyone would drink it!

I know God doesn’t make mistakes but times like these, when I’m struggling so hard to lose weight especially in this season, I would like to know what God was thinking. Perhaps, it’s all part of curse of Adam and Eve!!! You know, when God told Adam he would have to work for the rest of his life and Eve would have pain in childbirth yet want to have children. That must have been when He decided healthy food won’t taste all that great but it will be great for you and junk food will taste glorious but you’ll get fat from eating too much of it.

Of course, then I wonder if we’d have a skinny epidemic on our hands if it were the other way around. Can you imagine?

Anyway, this is one of the things I’m going to talk with God about when I get to Heaven.


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