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Shelby’s Poem

on October 26, 2012

A couple of years ago, I took a Creative Writing class. For my final, I had to take the first line of a famous poem and complete it, thus writing a whole new poem. I was severely stressed at the time so I asked my daughter, Shelby, to do this for me. Here’s her poem:

               And I took the road less traveled

                To the opened doors of my life

                I used the tools life had to offer

                I got through whatever life threw at me

                I accepted what came around the bend

                Like something as frightening as a snake or as small as a fly

                The road came to a split and a choice was to be made

                One path led to life; one to death

                I went down the path of life and lived it to its fullest

My kid is wicked smart!



3 responses to “Shelby’s Poem

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Dang. No Lie. How old was she? Love that you were stressed and asked her to do your assignment, normally it’s the other way around. Doing this on your part was really wise.


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