A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……

Let Us Remember……

on December 16, 2012

Words spoken by my niece about the shootings in Connecticut….

“I just have to say this one thing regarding the horrible events of Friday. It really sickens me that instead of people allowing those families to mourn and grieve, everybody would rather take this moment to get on their political soap boxes. How about gaining some perspective?? How about being thankful that you don’t have to join those poor grieving families in CT this Christmas? Instead of celebrating the holidays this year, they will be picking out caskets and making funeral arrangements. The rest of us have the luxury of spending this time with our families and our children; as well as having the luxury of standing on our soap boxes on gun control. There is an appropriate time for this debate. Now is not it. Now is the time to allow those families who lost children, friends, sisters, mothers, neighbors to mourn and to heal. Let’s also remember that there are dozens of very young children, the rest of the school staff, as well as the emergency personnel who have to put their lives back together after witnessing the worst of human behavior. That’s the perspective we should all keep in mind at this time. Get off your political soap boxes for a minute please.”

Pray….you can all vote as you wish later on but for now PRAY!!!!




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