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What Have You Learned? What Will You Do With 2013?

on December 31, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, I find myself more and more pensive about what I leave behind as well as what is ahead in the new year.

So here is what I learned:

1. I learned to let go of people who have nothing that I want.

2. I learned not to be intimidated by anyone.

3. I learned I’m smart enough, ambitious enough and courageous enough to get to where I want to be in life.

4. I learned how unique my girls are and how to fight the battled I need to fight.

5. I learned that I have a unique bond with my daughters no one can break.

6. I learned to champion my girls.

7. I learned (again) that I’m good enough as me and, therefore, I do not need to emulate anyone else.

8. I learned to be more appreciative of those in my life, like my family.

9. I learned what jicama is and how to pronounce it properly.

10. I learned how to plan a trip overseas.

11. I learned to crochet.

12. I learned to be more creative.

13. I learned how to listen more to my girls.

14. I learned how to let go.

15. I learned to think about myself in a totally new way.

So what have you learned?

Here’s what I will do with 2013:

1. Lead a healthier life and be more active.

2. Bring more balance into my life as a daughter and a mother.

3. Finish the craft projects I have started.

4. Perfect my craft.

5. Spend more time with family, regardless of distance.

6. To go to England/Ireland and meet family.

7. Not allow excuses.

8. Take better care of myself, ie follow through on doctor’s visits, eye exams, etc.

9. Give my girls more stability.

10. Encourage others to be the best they can be.

11. Be a leader.

12. Stop making promises I can’t keep.

13. Learn to eat healthier and more naturally.

14. Stand up for how I want to live my life.

15. Overcome my fear of my daughter driving.

What will you do with 2013?


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