A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……


on January 1, 2013

This blog is going to take a bit of a turn as I become a bit more personal. Things I’ve struggled with in the past I’m now vowing to correct. Most notably will be my struggle with my weight.

A big-boned girl, I’ve realized that I will never be super skinny. However, and here’s where the personal part comes in, being 245 lbs at 5″2 in a family full of diabetics is no way to live. I’m better than this. I’ve also come to realize how important it is for me to be healthy in order to be an example for my two teenage girls. As a single mother, it’s also my responsibility.

The other issue is how I think about myself. I vow to stop thinking I need to be like everyone else, especially when I preach against that so much to my daughters. I need to stop thinking I’m not good enough because I am! I need to realize that even though I may admire others, I do not need to be just like them to succeed. I need to understand that I AM a beautiful, desirable woman with much to give this world and it’s not too late for me.

So here it is, with the support of my family, I vow, once again, to be unrecognizable by the end of 2013. I make these promises to myself, for myself and my girls, and for my future.

Here's my "before" picture.

Here’s my “before” picture.



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