A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……

I Don’t Understand…..

on January 10, 2013

I don’t understand: 

  1. Christians who don’t act in a loving way
  2. Women who openly discuss personal bodily functions in the workplace
  3. People who speak nasty about their spouses in public
  4. Why people are so scared to discipline their children
  5. Why we must medicate our kids instead of correct them
  6. Why is it ok for our young pre-teen daughters and teen daughters to dress like they’re 10cents a dance
  7. Why do we think it’s cute when they do? 
  8. Why do we glamorize tv shows like “16 and Pregnant” when we should glamorize “18 and Graduating High School” 
  9. Why do we take the ridiculous and glamorize it on tv and then wonder what is wrong with our kids? 
  10. Why do we allow music to be pornographic? 
  11. Since when is it acceptable to show sex and nudity on prime time tv? 
  12. Regarding 10 and 11, why do we still continue to act like the decline of our young people is their fault? 
  13. Why do we look to Hollywood to define marriage for us?
  14. Since when did marriage become so disposable? 
  15. At what point did we forget how sacred a promise is? 
  16. Since when did parents decide it’s ok to allow temporary disobedience? 
  17. Since when is it ok to drug our kids into a zombie-like state then preach our schools as a drug-free zone? 
  18. How is it possible to have a government who preaches gun control yet gives more rights to those in prison than we, paying tax-payers, have? 
  19. When did we become to entitled that no one wants to work for anything anymore? 
  20. How will this generation ever lead the one after it? 

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