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The Single Life

on January 12, 2013

I love being single!! Love it! Many people ask me if I ever plan to get married again. My answer lately: No. I’m really not interested. And not because I was abused in my first marriage. I know enough honorable men to know not all men are like that. I also refuse to be a man-hater and do not wish to raise my girls with “daddy” issues. I want them to have healthy, happy marriages should they choose to get married.

So, in answer to the question of why I don’t want to get married again, I’ve comprised this list:

  1. Sole ownership of the entire bed – I can sleep however I want, which ever way I want, clothed the way I want and with all the blankets to myself. My body pillow is nice and soft and it doesn’t snore, steal the covers, or smother me. 
  2. Sole possession of the TV remote control – No more all day Sunday sports talk!!! I’m a girl, for Pete’s sake. I need my Lifetime Movie Network!!!! I need my drama!!! I need my romantic comedies!!
  3. Eye Candy Freedom – I get to stare, gawk, woohoo, whistle, ogle every hot guy I see without having to worry about fidelity.
  4. The thrill of the first kiss – Let’s face it. It only happens once. That special thrill you get when you first kiss that person you fancy. There’s not another kiss that’s as special until your wedding day.
  5. Cereal for dinner – I live for those precious nights of coming home from work, putting my feet up and tucking into a lovely bowl of cereal. Gone are the days when I had to worry about meat and potato dinners. I’ve been freed up from that!
  6. My walls are my own – There is no one to tell me what color to paint the walls in the bedroom. No longer do I have to try to marry my girly side with someone’s masculinity. I can be as pink and glittery as I wish!
  7. No in-laws – This means I get to choose where my girls and I spend our holidays. No fighting with anyone over who is going to whose house for what holiday. No more missing out on family gatherings with my family. There is only my family!
  8. The toilet set is always the way I want it – I think that one is self-explanatory.
  9. Room in the closet – Everything in my closet is mine! I don’t have to make room for his things!
  10. Sanity – No one is trying to tell me how to be, or change me into something I’m clearly not meant to be. I can be myself without someone else’s judgments or comments. It’s freeing to be me!

Those are just my top ten. I’m a very contented, loving life, single girl. And I’m loving it!



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