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Time In A Bottle

on January 14, 2013

a Bocksbeutel style Bottle


They say you should stop and smell the rose. I know the true meaning of this saying is all about time and making each moment count. But what does that really mean?

I’m 44 and my life is completely different to what I thought it would be. I figured by this time, I’d be settled, married, with kids and doing whatever it is I was called to do. Here I am at 44, divorced (happily), with kids but still feeling like I’ve just only recently started my life. I feel very young, excited and restless. My girls are teenagers and doing all those teenagery things girl should do. I’m excelling at a job I love and hope to further my education to carve a niche for myself there. I work, raise my kids, involve myself in various arts and crafts and one day, hope to return to school.

I’m a busy girl.

Busy as I am, it seems I get inspiration at times when I cannot write and it bothers me. Usually, I get inspired in the shower or while driving or while at work when I have no chance to write anything down. So now, I’ve seized the opportunity to grab a moment and jot down a few thoughts. This was the one that stayed with me the most.

You see, while I’m working to become whomever I’m about to become, it’s vital to me not to miss anything in the here and now. I’m spending time preparing for my future (and building one for my daughters) but spending time and wasting time are two different concepts. I believe it’s possible to do both. Let me explain.

Spending time is doing what needs to be done. Wasting time is missing those moments life hands to us on silver platters, moments that will not ever come again.

I like being busy but I don’t ever want to be too busy. Recently, I’ve discovered it’s not bad for me to take time for me; time to develop who I am, to improve myself from the inside out, and to show my girls how to do the same for themselves. I want to be smart about how I spend my time.


Note: Spending time and spending money are not always connected. You do not need to spend the latter to have the former.


Time with my family doesn’t cost anything yet I’m always richer for it. The more my girls wade into the waters of their own lives, the more I’m careful to take the time to ensure I’m still making those waves conducive to their growth. I’m also making sure I’m there for them during those times when their heads goes under water.

Lately, I’ve also spent time giving thanks for how blessed I am. Both my parents are still living, active, healthy, beautiful people and I have a wonderful step-mom. I have a second set of parents (in the form of my aunt and uncle) who not only are thriving and doing well but they are celebrating their 42nd year of marriage this year. They’ve had the life I wanted (and still do want). They’ve spent 40+ years in the company of their best friends – each other. I take joy and comfort each moment I spend with my sisters and brothers (all of them) for they are my best friends. It’s vital to avail myself of every opportunity here. This past Christmas, my cousin and I were musing at how our parents are the older generation now. We have become what our parents were when we were little and our children are now just smaller versions of us.

Time passes quickly. How did we come to this point?

Those who know me know I’m horribly focused on my future and that of my girls. This is not always a good thing – being so future focused because the bottom line is when that future is here, I will not be able to go back and recover lost moments. These moments are the here and now. Every once in a while, it’s ok to stop spending time creating our future, stop wasting time on things unimportant and take time to just live the moment we’re in now. Each moment is passing us by…now…now…now…and now.

They say we can’t put time in a bottle and it’s true. Then again, one bottle cannot ever hold the incredible measure of memories available to us if we just simply…stop and smell the roses.



2 responses to “Time In A Bottle

  1. Ian says:

    Allelujah my sister. God has chagend you so much. I look at you and I see a whole new Jeannette. This is not the same person I met 4 years ago. God has made you over and he has giving you a whole new perspective of life. I am truly bless to be called your sister in christ. Keep doing what God has called you to do for he is not through with you yet. Keep moving forward and don’t look back Love you girl!g


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