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Why Try To Make Bad Foods Good?

on January 19, 2013

Boxes of the two most popular Girl Scout cooki...


I came across this article the other day…http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-food/futuristic-girl-scouts-cookie-causes-controversy-231700533.html.



Time to order all your favorites! Mine are Thin Mints, Shortbread and Peanut Butter. It’s expensive at $4.00 per box but it’s only once a year and if you freeze them, they last for a while and then it seems worth the money. However, reading this article, now they’re trying to make them healthier

As an overweight woman working to eat healthier and be more active, I have to state this: LEAVE THE COOKIES ALONE! In fact, leave all food alone! Food is not the enemy of the obese. Too much food is what can caught obesity. There’s nothing wrong with having a cookie. Eating the whole package, however, can be a problem. Folks, when are we going to get it through our heads that bastardizing our food is not going to make it better. In fact, it makes it worse. 

Take it from one who knows. Give the old me a can of Pringles and I’ll eat some of them. Put a label on them that says “reduced fat” and guess what? Now, I’m eating the whole can? Re-processing our food to make it lower in salt and lower in fat doesn’t always lead to lower in weight. It’s a matter of the mind. And it’s a matter of lifestyle. 

I remember last year being really frustrated with my sister (who doesn’t even know I was upset) because everything we bought in our house was processed. I argued that it was low fat, low sodium, low this, and low that. She argued back it doesn’t matter. Processing is still processing. It’s all I can afford, I argued. Yet, I’m somehow affording prescription drugs for my mom (thank God for Medicare). I was pretty upset to the point of not wanting to talk about food. I gained weight last year and my mom’s blood sugar numbers were not good. 

This year, we’ve made a choice to go healthy and to make healthy a lifestyle. I now know what my sister was talking about. The more I buy fresh foods and enjoy the flavor of them, the more I dislike anything processed. And somehow, we’re affording fresher, healthy foods because we’re not busy buying processed. Our portions are also being brought into line. That’s why Weight Watchers works so well. It’s all about portions. 

So what does this have to do with Girl Scout cookies, you may ask? 

Plenty, in light of this article. We’re now spending more money and causing food costs to rise because we want to make everything we want to eat, everything that’s on the naughty list, good for us. We’re over-processing. But it’s not good and it’s not good for us. What is good is treating yourself. Treat yourself to two cookies instead of twenty. In our house, we have one treat a week and I indulge. And not only am I losing weight but my mom’s blood sugar numbers are fabulous and stable. It’s all about how much – not what you eat that matters. I know I sound preachy so I’ll step off my soapbox. But one more thing before I go…..as a former Girl Scout….




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