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Working Girls

on January 20, 2013

English: SOAP


My daughters would like to work. They both have things they want and they are not cheap.

I’m a single, working mother. My girls and I live with my mother who does her best to help around the house but honestly, cleaning up after my kids and cooking for us is not how I want her to spend her retirement. Yet, with me working and handling the schedules of two busy teenagers, and planning to go back to school, housework is hard to keep up on. So I thought of hiring a cleaning service. As I pondered this and began to research this idea, my girls and I began having conversations about the jobs they wanted and how they couldn’t wait to turn 16 to get them. I told them to relax a bit. I know they want to make money but I’d like for them not to grow up too fast. Then it hit me! I can hire them as my cleaning service! After considering this carefully and coming up an amount I’d be willing to pay, I approached them both with my idea. They loved it! So, starting February 1st, they will begin with a list of chores (outside of their regular chores – I’ve been very clear about what I expect from them on a daily basis vs what I’m paying them for). This will hopefully comfort my mom so she can relax more and do more of what she wants to do and free up our weekends so the girls and I can have that time to play! 

I will let you all know how it’s going once it begins.



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