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Photo Friday!

on February 1, 2013
My babies!

Emilie, myself and Shelby


I’m going to try not too hard to gush about these two people. 

Fifteen years ago, my life was changed irrevocably by the birth of my daughter, Shelby. One year later, Emilie came along. Since then, my life has changed from being a self-centered, fashion-plate interested in little more than food, fashion and fun to being the center of the world for two small babies. My days have been spent creating their world, watching that world collapse and reconstructing it, brick by brick. 

I’ve not slept correctly since their arrival. I’ve not bought anything for myself before making sure their needs and wants have been satisfied. I’ve become bent on maturing and bettering myself for their sake, working to become a role model for them to follow. Not one thought for my future has not included them. I’ve cried myself to sleep out of joy for their love and friendship and I’ve cried myself to sleep heartbroken over what I cannot protect from. I’ve laughed until tears ran for the goofy, silly things they do and say and I’ve struggled to fill their every moment with entertainment. 

I’ve been not just a woman, but a mother, educator, nurse, actress, protector, provider, minister, friend, comforter, counselor, multi-tasker extraordinaire, and so much more! 

Shelby asked me not too long ago if I had it to do all over again, would I do anything differently? My answer was a resounding yes! Yes, I would suffer all the hell and abuse of my marriage if only to be able to emerge once more with these two precious, precious people in my life. They are worth more than I can say and since their birth, the world has been a much brighter place.



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