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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

on February 2, 2013

As I have nothing else planned to write for today, I shall create a list of things I’m currently addicted to:

1. My daughters – This goes without saying (except I just said it so….)

[Howth and Ireland's Eye. County Dublin, Irela...

[Howth and Ireland’s Eye. County Dublin, Ireland] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

2. My family – I love them all so much! How blessed am I to be related to my BBFs?!

3. Makeup – I love this stuff! I love looking pretty. I love how I feel when I’m wearing it! I love learning new techniques.

4. Nail Polish – Again, I love it! I love the artistry. I love having different colors. I love that it’s not an expensive hobby (not for me, anyway).

5. Crochet – Although I need to get back to it, I love the idea that I can make things with my hands. I love creating blankets for my girls that they may be able to, one day, pass down to their kids as something from their grandma. I love that my grandmother crocheted and it seems like I’m picking up on a generational art.

6. The internet – I love how many people I can contact and reach and meet via the internet. I’ve also been able to connect with one of my favorite authors, Leanna Renee Hieber, via the net which, as well as many others.

7. Italy – I cannot wait to go back there. I love the people, the land, the food and the culture. I’m so blessed Italy in my blood!

8. Ireland – 257 days until I get to see this beautiful island! And all I can think is that I will not want to come home.

9. England – My dream is to live there for at least a year. I have no clue why this country has such a hold on my heart but it just does.

10. Education – I’m addicted to learning anything new. From crafts to hair to makeup to music, I love to learn!!!!

So that’s my Saturday for you! Enjoy!


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