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I Dreamed a Dream…part two

on February 3, 2013

So last night, I had another dream, a sort of piggy-back to the previous dream.

This time, we moved into the house. The floors were all beautiful hardwood. I was busy deciding what furniture to put where and who was going to get what bedroom. The colors in the house were beautiful. Rich but soft somehow. One of the bedrooms was shaped like the letter E, lots of windows for natural light and tons of space. This room was a soft green, rather soothing.

I remember seeing a small room off the formal living room. In my dream, I became excited at the thought of finally having a reading room. There was a huge picture window and shelves all over. I laid down a soft area rug of a neutral color and placed an over-sized dark green chair. To the left was a small table for coffee, tea, etc.

As I walked throughout the house with my mother, we noticed the previous owners had left decorative things behind – things we did not want to change. Simple wall hangings, a key hook, a smallish cabinet in the bathroom, a spice rack in the kitchen – it was like they wanted their flavor to be preserved in the home they loved so much. Somehow, we didn’t mind as we loved all the little touches left behind. We kept them all.

The real bonus came in the basement. After discovering a small hole in the floor of the mudroom, I found a ladder that went to the basement. It was the sort of ladder my mom was able to easily navigate. Here, in my dream, my sister Kathleen showed up as she helped my mom into the basement.

What can I say now? I’m still overwhelmed at what we found! The basement was full of wonderful furniture, everything we’ve always wanted. There was a huge closet stocked full of all sorts of crafts supplies. Another wall had drawers of clothes. My mom opened up one drawer holding a bunch of scarves made from Irish lace. All different colors! We began to make plans for all the furniture….

…and that’s when I woke up. Once again, I’m expectant. I don’t believe God allows us to dream of what He cannot provide.



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