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I Dreamed a Dream….

on February 3, 2013

The other night I had this dream. This dream was so vivid, I woke up excited and expectant. I dreamed that I was moving into a home that was being given to me. The whole dream was a tour of the home and the person giving the tour and handing me the keys was Jesus. This home had everything I wanted. I have a galley kitchen right now – very small. But the kitchen in this home was spacious with lots of cabinets, all stainless steel appliances (just like my mom wants) and an island with stools to sit up at it, like my children want. It opened up to a huge family room with a huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall (another desire of our hearts). The furniture was all brand new and oh so comfy! There was room for all my books and crochet stuff, places for my daughters and for my mom. The whole house was one level. In my house now, the bedrooms are upstairs so it’s hard for my mom to get up and down. 

There was a formal living room with a fireplace and more new furniture. The bedrooms and bathrooms were all perfect. But here’s the cream – there was a HUGE veranda/ wrap around front porch. It was screened in and had furniture and ceiling fans. Here, Jesus told me I would be able to have morning coffee with Him and start my day out conversing with Him. We went to the backyard which was huge and there was a lot of land. There was a dog kennel for my daughter to adopt dogs. 

The whole time I walked through this house, Jesus kept telling me this was for me and my family, built to the specifications we’d been dreaming about and it was debt free. 

I woke up wanting to pack!




One response to “I Dreamed a Dream….

  1. Kathleen says:

    I love it!!! Believe and expect!!!!


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