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God Is Love

on February 7, 2013
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Overhead today was this:


God doesn’t love everyone. Just read Hebrews 12.”


This was spoken by a baby Christian who has spent far too long drinking milk and has obviously refused the meat and vegetables of the Word.  My immediate (and uncontrolled) reply was to quote John 3:16.


“For God so LOVED THE WORLD that He gave his only Son to save it.”


I was summarily put down with a resounding, “to rebuke me publicly is not a good witness.” 

In a way, that’s correct. Christians should not quarrel publicly. However, my initial concern was for the person who might be struggling inwardly wondering if God really does love them. To hear from a Christian that God really is a respecter of persons and only loves some but not all is disconcerting, to say the least. To think that person might have made the decision that God was not for them upon hearing this, thus choosing to struggle on their own, is not good. It’s also not in God’s plan. It’s not His way. It’s not His desire for humanity. 

So to that person, I say this: God most definitely loves you! God loves us all! He’s not always happy with our actions or decisions but He does love us. In fact, He not only loves us but He’s IN LOVE with us!!!! So be encouraged!!

And to all Christians, I say this: Be wise before you speak. And when you speak of God and things of the word, be mindful as to who might be listening to you. Your life, your words tell a story and if God is to use you, He will be wanting you to represent Him correctly. Take care that you do not do more harm than good. 

And when if doubt, keep your mouth shut!



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