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Squash It!

on February 12, 2013
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I’ve been at an unhealthy weight most of my life. This is not something I can do anymore. Not with diabetes and other things running amok in my family genes. I owe it to myself and to those I live with to be healthy.


However, I’m a single mom and teenagers, well, they’re just not cheap. My girls don’t ask for much and they work hard and have big dreams but still….I’m their main support. For too long, I’ve used this as an excuse not to buy healthy food.


Tonight marks the second time I’ve made spaghetti squash for dinner. Not only is it extremely healthy and very low carb but it’s quite tasty and very filling. For a vegetable, that shocked me. But here’s the real surprise. It’s actually cheaper than whole wheat pasta!


At my local grocer, one spaghetti squash costs around $1.18. This will give us dinner and me lunch for the next day. A box of whole wheat pasta costs $1.20 and we need two boxes to feed our family. I’ve also discovered Aldi‘s which is helping to keep my kitchen stocked with apples, oranges, carrots for snacking, lettuce and cheese. My girls are snacking healthy. My mom is eating right which is producing good, healthy blood sugar levels for her.


And I….well…the weight of coming off slowly but I’m learning to love good food. It’s true I go to the market more often than I used to as fresh veggies and fruit only stay fresh for a short while but it’s worth it. And I really don’t feel I’m spending anymore on food than I ever did before which is a total surprise and a real blessing!!


So squash it! Squash all those myths that tell you it’s impossible to eat healthy when on a budget. After all, you have a choice: Spend money for good, healthy food now, or spend money for medication later. The choice is yours.



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