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I Love Me Some Leslie Sansone

on February 13, 2013

Hey you all!!!! How’s everyone?

So today, I wanted to give a little fitness tip about a girl whose videos I love!!


I started walking at home to Leslie basically because I love that little tracker that moves across the bottom of your TV screen telling you how far you’ve walked. Then I realized, that in just an hour, I can walk five miles without ever leaving my bedroom! For someone like me, who is seriously self-conscious about herself, this is amazing!

Now, I admit, I’ve not been nearly as consistent as I need to see the results I want to see. However, I did start doing her Walk and Jog DVD just before doing a 4-mile walk for Diabetes. What a difference. I managed to do the walk with ease and in just under an hour. Now, I want to get back to it so I can get this weight off and go running.

She has other DVDs also, such as her Walking Down Blood Sugar and The Heart Healthy Walk. I love the fun way she talks you through each workout as well as the ease of her movements. There is always someone demonstrating a more moderate version of her movements for beginners.

Most of  her DVDs are under an hour and quite enjoyable. She has some Pilates dvds in her collection also.

So now that I’ve sounded like an infomercial, I hope this is useful. I’m going to go workout now!




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