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Dreaming of Weddings

on February 16, 2013
English: Wedding party, 1940-1950

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think about the future a lot, probably more than I should. And while I’m perfectly content in my singleness, I find myself dreaming about a wedding day to my Prince Charming. My dress will be ice blue with royal blue edging. My girls will be dressed in royal blue. I’ll serve a wonderful dinner with dancing, wine and candles. Everything I didn’t get the first time. My invitations will be more personal than the traditional wording and will include my girls. It might say something like this: 

I, along with my daughters, am requesting your presence as we welcome (insert name) into our lives to share in our family. 

Then the normal hoopla of when and where would follow. 

Now, Shelby has promised me she would either elope or she would get married in a black dress. She really doesn’t want anyone looking at her as she walks down the aisle. I see her wedding outdoors with everyone in the wedding party dressed in black. It won’t be a big wedding party and Emilie, though her dress is black, will sneak in a smidge of pink with pink pumps. Shelby will wear a black dress, black veil, black gloves and red lipstick. Her black hair will be spiked in the back and hang long in front off to the side. Yet still, she will be the most beautiful bride ever! And her invite would go something like this:  

My awesome Mom is asking for you to come and see me walk down the aisle in my awesome black dress and extra furry tail as I get married to an equally awesome dude. Dude understands my awesomeness as a woman and that’s why he’s going to be my husband. Animals are welcome to attend. Attire for the event is black. You can wear red or purple also as those are awesome colors but just know that anyone wearing pink or lavender will be mocked for the evening. No screaming kids, either, please. They give me a migraine. 

Earplugs will be amongst the party favors as Black Veiled Brides will scream long into the night as we party at her reception. Ye all have been warned. 

Emilie, princess of my heart, who loves all things pink and purple and glittery, will want to have the wedding of the century! If she can’t have the wedding of the century, she will at least have the dress of the century and the cake of the century, made by herself. Her wedding day will be all about her but she will allow her fiancé to attend. Everything served at her wedding will be sweet and made by her. There will be no fondant left at all anywhere within a 500 mile radius. Her dress will glimmer and shine and her hair and nails will be perfect. Shelby, dressed head to toe in pink, will rebelliously dye her hair jet black and put blood-red streaks in it the night before the wedding. Her makeup will be goth, much to Emilie’s annoyance. As Emilie is a woman of few words (though she talks all the time!), her invite would be short and sweet….and most likely, she will simply text everyone. 

Ok, so my mom is g2 walk me dwn the aisle n I w/get married 2 my dh. U r invited n I hope u can come. Dnt be l8. If u cant, plz let me no. Otherwise, B here n plz b careful for the cake. It took me hours 2 do! Thnx. 

Yup, that’s about it!


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