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Parent Your Children!!!!

on March 8, 2013

“Parenting” (Photo credit: vanhookc)


This is a strange day and age in which we live. We are technologically advanced, at times beyond what is good for us. We are fighting a poor economy. We are redefining our relationships and our level of commitment to those relationships. We are a hypersensitive people ready to pounce on the next person who offends us and even more ready to abandon all reason for the sake of turning offense into legislation. 

We are busy. 

However, while we are being so busy, we are also still procreating. Who suffers? Our kids. Who suffers with our kids? Not parents. We can go to work and immerse ourselves which is made necessary by this faltering economy. And we drop our kids off at school….where teachers are now put in the position of raising our kids. 

As a single mom, I have to say I take parenting my kids very seriously! I also take making money seriously. Yet, there needs to be a balance so that I don’t wind up expecting teachers to do my job for me. So, let this post signify for the teachers, just in case we’ve forgotten what we expect them to do and the tools we’ve given them.


I hear it daily about why some teacher didn’t give little Janie or Johnny the amount of attention the parent desires them to have. Never mind the teacher is a room full of 29 other kids, all with parents demanding the same thing. Never mind, the teacher is trying to get across basic concepts to 30 individuals with varying degrees of learning at the exact same time or it’s their job on the line. Never mind we’ve stripped them of the right to discipline as well as show affection due to our hyper-sensitivity. Never mind that teaching our child is no longer their priority but they often go into danger-zones to teach our kids.


We think the war is on the front line when actually, it’s in the classroom. When a student is allowed to throw a chair without consequences, we  have a problem. When a teacher isn’t allowed to console a student by hugging after they’ve lost a grandparent, we have a problem. When the real question isn’t “can they teach my child to read” but instead is “can they fire a gun to protect my child”, we have a problem.


And yet, legislation has created a confusing atmosphere within the classroom. Parents, who see having children as a novelty instead of a responsibility, do not help. Back in my day, if my teacher told my parents I was acting up in class, there was no question as to the integrity of the teacher. I was in trouble and I knew it. And my parents saw to it my behavior was corrected and not repeated.


Yet today, we have a whole society of lazy parents who just don’t want to deal. I can relate to this. When I get home, after working all day, I don’t want to deal with issues my children are having either. But you know what? I’m a parent. I have to! Part of having kids is being self-sacrificing. So I take my 20 minutes to myself, gear up and settle in for the night to do what is necessary to grow them into functional human beings.


It can be done! And honestly, it infuriates me how society has allowed bad behavior to be acceptable because we’re so willing to put a medical label on it! So we don’t correct behavior anymore; we just medicate it and in doing so, we release ourselves from the responsibility of actually parenting. (And yes, I know there are legitamate ADHD, ADD, etc…but I’m not talking about that here.) 


Now consider how we only deal with our kids on the weekends and for a few short hours each night. Teachers are with them all day long. They deal with their ever-changing moods. They deal with hormonal imbalance. They deal with puberty. They deal with drama. They deal with our kids adjusting to medications and they deal with withdrawal. And still, we rail on teachers, claiming them to be overpaid and blaming them for our kids – OUR KIDS – not being who we want them to be.


What is the answer? Let teachers be teacher and parents, please rise up and have the courage to take back from society the ability to raise your kids! Be courageous enough to be a parent. Stop being lazy because I know the few short hours I spend with my teenagers are precious and I make the most of each moment with them! So it can be done!!!!! And stop, for the love of God and all that is holy, STOP expecting our teachers and educators to do your job for you!


It doesn’t take a village to raise a child! It takes a parent who is willing to be a parent.



3 responses to “Parent Your Children!!!!

  1. Samantha says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said here. It is something I really noticed as a cashier, but more and more we are letting the rest of society parent our children. I couldn’t tell you how many times I watched parents staring at their phones while their kids wondered off to the front lobby where anyone could just walk off with them. I was constantly keeping an eye on the kids, but you know, it’s really not everyone elses job to parent someone’s kids.

    You make a great point about the teachers specifically. Just because a teacher is with a child for a significant amount of their day, doesn’t make them responsible for raising him or her. I think that as a parent, you make a commitment to raise the child that you brought into this world. It’s so important that every parent realizes what a responsibility it is to be a parent, and what an impact that the things they teach their children have on society.

    A very thought provoking post. 🙂


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