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Time for a Check-Up

on March 9, 2013

I  love spending time with my girls. We do a lot together. We go to the mall and walk around. We ride bikes, go swimming, take the dog for walks, go to the library, paint ceramics and have movie nights. We also spend time talking; we “bare our souls and tell the most appalling secrets”. In doing this, I’ve created two such people who, while they love their laptops and smartphones, they aren’t afraid to put them down and shut them off in favor of time with Mom or time with the family. This makes me very proud of them. It makes me want to spend even more time with them.


These are moments I cherish and these two people are my favorite people in the whole world. Occasionally, during these precious moments, we get down to a little more serious business and give each other a check-up of sorts.


See, I’m not afraid to ask my girls how I can be a better mother. I’m not afraid to let them critic me. Likewise, I critic them and we talk openly about what I need from them or what I need less of from them. This helps us grow. It also builds trust. There’s a specific level of intimacy achieved during these times where my girls realize they can trust me with anything and know my head won’t explode.


In these times, this is very important.


Of course, I’m not naïve enough to think they aren’t talking with their friends and having secrets with them. They are allowed. However, serious stuff is kept between us and they save their deepest, darkest fears and concerns for my ears and my heart to hear. After all, I’m their mom. Only I can kiss it and make it all better.


So don’t be afraid, my dear parents, to ask your kids, “How am I doing? Is there anything you need from me?” And be smart enough to discuss with them your plan to be a better parent. Then follow through on that plan!



Does your relationship with your kids need a prescription?


Shelby and Emilie



One response to “Time for a Check-Up

  1. Rob Russo says:

    I love you guys!!! 🙂 Sending you Love and Light…. 🙂


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