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Motherly Musings

on April 2, 2013

Being a mother amazes me. There’s just something about having a child and the privilege of watching that child grow up that is so astonishing. 

I know I’ve mentioned my two daughters before. Shelby is my 15-year-old and Emilie is my 14-year-old. They were born 13 months apart. 

When they were babies, I watched them play. They never played together; they played side by side. The divorce hit forcing them out of their home and across the country and I watched as they each handled it differently. They dealt with it differently; Shelby with anger and Emilie with excuses. Then there was the year when neither of them could be in the same room with each other without wanting to kill the other. Their differences being so pronounced as that seed of individuality imploded shaping them forever into the people they are. Shelby held fast to her Gothic fashions and dark music while Emilie shed pink glitter wherever she went and dared with her dance music and hip hop moves. 

Then, as suddenly as it hit is as suddenly as it abated; a friendship was born. Tolerance created, shifting the atmosphere in the house from one of teenage tension and angst to one of peace, laughter and fierce loyalty. Growing exponentially, this friendship flourishes even as they vow to go their separate ways as adults. Shelby hopes to relocate in the country somewhere and Emilie hopes to be successful in the city. Their sense of style and music have found a middle ground; a place for sharing ideas and conversation. 

It continues to be my privilege of watching each of them tip-toe into the arena of the other, to look around and take in what they can. Yet even still, in my mind’s eye, as Emilie stands on the precipice of high school and all that accompanies, I can see Shelby ever looking behind her to watch for her sister. Hand outstretched, she holds fast, ready to taker her hand if needed. And I can see Emilie tip-toe forward, making her own footprints in her sand yet ever walking in her sister’s shadow, carefully looking to her for wisdom. It is as it should be. 

Sisters. Friends. Soul mates. 

My girls. 



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