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Boston Marathon Tragedy

on April 15, 2013
Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have several thoughts on what happened today.


First, I just want to acknowledge all the wonderful and brave men and women who responded quickly to the scene. I can never imagine enough the horrors these people witness day in and day out and especially when something like this happens…..I pray for them and for their families for healing as well. I don’t know how you can see hell and not be changed even a little.


Second, I am desperately praying for my country tonight. And I plead with you all now: Please, dear God, PLEASE let us NOT use the Boston bombings as a means of more political segregation! Be forgiving. Be wise. Be compassionate. Because republicans AND democrats were injured. People of various religious beliefs lost limbs today. The blood of heterosexuals as well as homosexuals spilled today! This is NOT about politics or anyone’s rights because quite honestly, we should ALL have the right to run in a marathon, or support those running, and NOT fear for our lives.


This is about humanity! Put your political beliefs aside. And PRAY!!!!!



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