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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

on April 21, 2013

Today is my Dad‘s 80th birthday. I keep telling him 80 is the new 70 because my dad still is very young. He walks every day, is very active, cooks, travels and is the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

I remember when I was in eight grade and about to make my Confirmation. Our parents were encouraged to write letters of reflection to their kids. I still have mine and today, I would like to post what my dad wrote to me.

Written on February 24, 1982, my dad writes:

My Dear Vikki, 

It has been suggested that parents write a letter to their son or daughter on the occasion of their Confirmation. 

Perhaps, it is a good idea, since many parents times, it seems rather awkward for parents to “talk” to their children, especially if their parents are bashful (as I?) or the children are shy (as you?). In any case, I have certain thoughts I want to share with you. 

Objectively, I think you are a wholesome and complete person. 

Personally, I think you are one of the five loveliest children any parent  can hope to have. 

By wholesome and complete, I mean that you have all the wonderful physical attributes of a young growing lady, those characteristics which are pleasing to the eye, together with all t he intellectual attributes that make you capable of reaching beyond what is just pleasing to the eye, towards new ideas, new concepts; things which cannot be seen, but things that are real because you feel them, because you “see” them with your mind’s “eye”; things such as God

The beautiful combination makes you a complete person, a child, yes, also a complete person. 

What is happening now is that through your physical and intellectual activities (I include religious with intellectual), you are “polishing”, refining, or developing all t hose attributes to a higher degree thus commanding ever more admiration, more respect, and more “pleased to know you”. 

I sure am pleased to know you! I am pleased to know that you are able to mingle ABBA with “Tosca“, that you are interested in roller-skating as well as the life-sciences, and the Italian language (please allow a father some pride!). 

I am pleased to know that you like small children and old adults, and that you like to help around the house. I am pleased that you admire, as I do, all the natural things that God has made, and the machinery and structures that persons can build, the sounds they are able to integrate as music, the paintings and the sculptures. I am pleased that you want to spent some time with me, to talk to me. 

Above all, I am pleased that you love me. 

I love you, too! 

Your father. 

The paper this is written on is faded now. Much has transpired. I was a young girl of 14 at that time. I read this now, 30 years later and the mom of my own 14-year-old as well as a 15-year-old. I am a different woman than I dreamed of being but no less proud of myself, who I am, where I come from, who my parents are and where they come from. I am a woman of pride and much of that comes from my father!

I love my dad so much!!!! And I am pleased to be his daughter!

My Daddy



3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  1. Rob Russo says:

    Wow…that’s so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this letter…I don’t remember seeing this before. (crap….I forgot to call him!!)


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