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Scout, the Wonder Dog

on May 9, 2013

Last night, my family and I said good-bye to a long-time member of the family – our dog, Scout

Scout came to me 10 years ago as a 2-year-old puppy with lots of enthusiasm, spark and loyalty. Within only a few days, he was a member of our family and we were instantly in love. He has endured so much with us including a 20 hour drive in the car as my girls and I moved from Texas to Illinois. He sat in the car atop all our luggage, ran the neighborhood almost getting hit by a car and protected my mom and our new home with the fierceness only a dog can have. 

He was a little dog with big dog mentality. 

His illness came quickly. Most likely, he’d been suffering for longer than we thought but he never showed it until his body could take no more. We made our decision quickly and he kissed us all good-bye in his own little way. He is missed so much and I hope wherever he is, he’s having fun, frolicking like he used to and running amok

So tonight, I lift my glass to Scout, the Wonder Dog (Sans His Invisible Plane and Flowing Cape). Not only were you the light of our lives and our joy these last ten years, you were our most faithful companion, our most loyal protector and our best friend. 

Here’s to my puppy. Rest in peace, Scout. 

Dog Wonder Scout



One response to “Scout, the Wonder Dog

  1. Rob Russo says:

    He was indeed a loyal and very friendly little guy. He was my little buddy often as well when I would visit. I will miss his greeting when I go out to visit on Saturday. Love and Light to you, Scout, on your journey….and many, many thanks. 🙂


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