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Bathroom Talk

on May 15, 2013
English: Bathroom Refacing

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Can we talk about public bathrooms here? Because honestly….I don’t think people nowadays give public bathrooms the respect they deserve. Obviously, I’m a girl and I’ve only ever been in the girl’s bathroom. (Well, there have been a drunken moment or two when the men’s bathroom was closer and available but we don’t have to talk about that.) I have a few pet peeves and a few suggestions to make the public bathroom experience a more pleasant one. 


Let’s get the pet peeves out of the way first: 


1. What’s with the cheese roll holders that do not allow you more than one sheet of toilet paper at a time. I’m sorry but I’m a big girl and I need that thing to spin like the Wheel of Fortune! One little sheet at a time means I will be in there for the length of a Bible!


2. What’s with leaving your human signature behind (literally) when you leave the stall. Is it really too much to turn around and check for cleanliness before you leave? I could see how embarrassing it can be caught cleaning the stall but I would honestly have more respect for you.


3. The public bathroom is no place for your intimate phone conversations. I realize how convenient it is with mobile phones to bring them with us EVERYWHERE. However, starting a conversation while in a public bathroom can garnish an unwelcome conversation from the person in the stall next to you who think you’re talking to them. And for the love of all that is holy, please DO NOT talk dirty to your other half while in a public bathroom!!! I really do not want to hear your intimate plans for the weekend, evening, etc……


4. Rinsing your hands under water without using soap does NOT equal hand washing!! If you get nothing else out of this post, please hear me on this one!!!!! Only soap will clean your hands!!! And for women, please use a bit of common sense here with regards to where your hands have just been and USE SOAP!!! I cannot say it enough!!! Otherwise, I reserve the right to squirt hand sanitizer on you every time I see you!


5. Stop using public bathrooms as your own personal makeup/fashion center. There is NOTHING I hate worse than having to wipe away some strangers’ hair before I can wash my hands. Do your hair and makeup at home!!!! Otherwise, embrace your own natural, messy beauty and MOVE ON!!!! This also covers perfuming. Honestly? I took a shower. If you still feel you need enhancements to your smell, or if you just smell naturally, put that on at home! I’m sick of walking out of bathrooms with a noseful of your perfume.


6. Likewise to air sprays. It’s a public bathroom, people. It ain’t always going to smell pretty. Spraying a pretty smell over a bad only makes a pretty bad smell!


Now, some suggestions:


1. We’ve come a long way with technology. We have toilets that flush themselves (often without you being ready), G-force hand dryers, water that turns on by itself, etc. Is it too much to ask for floor to ceiling stalls? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a public bathroom only to have someone’s child look under the wall or peek through the little slit in the door. Privacy, people! Otherwise, I’ll start charging for what I’m showing!


2. Before using any public bathroom, people should be forced to watch a short video on public bathroom usage. It can be available in a few languages. Perhaps it can be a code of sorts by which you must watch this video or the bathroom door will not open. WE’VE GOT TO GET THE WORD OUT, PEOPLE!


3. Bathrooms should be made a such material so as to disable hand-held electronics. Again, stop talking on your cell phone in the bathroom. Get in, get out and let someone else get in.


Bottom line is public bathrooms are meant for one thing and one thing only. Be kind. Be respectful. And most of all, be quick!



One response to “Bathroom Talk

  1. Rob Russo says:

    True, but hilarious! I love the spinning the Wheel of Fortune! I’m with you on that one. And those cell conversations? They have ’em on the bus, the train, often times loud enough to share with everyone around. I’m with you on that one, too. I remember being to happy and impressed in Italy to see those floor to ceiling stalls…it was great! 🙂


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