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‘A Cheat is a Cheat’ and Other Readers’ Stories of Infidelity – Yahoo! News

on May 29, 2013

‘A Cheat is a Cheat’ and Other Readers’ Stories of Infidelity – Yahoo! News.

This hits home. I remember, after I discovered my ex-husband was cheating on me, going to someone in my church and telling them we were divorcing. I tried to explain that the hurt was too deep, I was too tired of the abuse and quite-frankly, all I wanted to do was to take my babies and go home to my family. I explained he was in another relationship and did not want to get out of it.


Their reply was: You gotta hang on. You gotta keep believing. Then someday, you will have saved his life without him evening knowing it.

I said: I’ve done this for ten years and I can’t do anymore. Especially since he refuses to quit his extramarital relationship. I’m done.

Their answer was: Well, thank God Jesus never gave up on us.

I said: I’m not Jesus

….and I never darkened the door of that church again. And I never will.


Pat Robertson reminds me of all self-righteous people I meet almost on a daily basis. He reminds me how far people really are from understanding God’s love and he reminds me that even people in his position can stumble over something so simple as love.


There is NOTHING I could have done to save my marriage. However, I was smart enough to realize that I was worth saving, that I HAD to be saved from my marriage in order to bring my daughters through as well as myself. I was smart enough to realize that, had I stayed, there was a real possibility that my girls would choose for their husbands what I chose for mine.


Was it hard leaving? It sure was! Did it hurt? Yes. My girls and I came home to Illinois broken and beaten and very angry. And yeah, we were angry with God, or I was. I was very angry with God. After all, I was married to someone who stood in the center ring of ministry. But you know what? That’s not enough. It’s never enough. Pretending just won’t do! You either live it or you don’t!


Mr. Robinson, isn’t your 15 minutes up yet????


2 responses to “‘A Cheat is a Cheat’ and Other Readers’ Stories of Infidelity – Yahoo! News

  1. Rob Russo says:

    I love you, sis! 🙂


  2. We not only share a blog template but the same opinions! I left my husband five years ago, and “the church” dropped me like a hot potato. Neither of us had cheated (in our 25 year marriage) but it was over nonetheless. Some Christians can be the worst friends and advisers. I like you!


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