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God’s Not Dead!

on June 18, 2013

"Praying Hands" (study for an Apostl...


Something wonderful happened yesterday. I took Shelby for her followup appointment for her contacts. All day, I’d been stressing out over the cost of this as we’re a little cash poor at the moment. Finally, I prayed and gave it up to God and told Him that if we could only pay $40, that would be good. We’d be ok. When it came time to pay, the woman told me Shelby gets a three-month supply and…..wait for it……it’s covered 100%!!!! I didn’t have to pay anything.


Afterwards, I drove around and I praised God and thanked Him for being so good. His reply to me? “Next time, don’t put my Grace in a box for what I have is sufficient (meaning more than enough) for you.”


Immediately after that I saw the most beautiful rainbow ever!! Proof of God’s covenant to me. Proof that He will always perform His Word. Proof that God IS for me!!! I love Him so much!!!!


Then I had the opportunity to explain God’s provision to my Emilie.


Now, allow a slight digression here – When I was pregnant with Shelby, I always knew in my heart she was a girl and she was my Shelby. There was no question about it. My pregnancy with Emilie was a bit of an oops (the best kind!) but I knew she was a girl before the ultrasound confirmed it. I had no clue what to name her but Emilie was not on the charts because it was so popular. I didn’t want her to have a name everyone else had.


One day, during prayer, I felt her name and the spelling of her name – EMILIE – drop into my heart. Instantly, I fell in love with that name and although my husband of the time was disappointed she wasn’t a boy, I knew she would be someone special.


Not long after she was born, again during prayer, I felt God tell me that Shelby was going to be a healing presence in the world while Emilie would be a creative one. That has come to pass. Emilie is very creative beyond what you would expect from a 14-year-old. And Shelby is a healer. She has a connection with animals that is uncanny along with an affection and a desire to save them all. She’s also my little environmentalist, wanting to save the Earth.


So back to Emilie. We were discussing seed time and harvest. Reaping what you sow. Giving to those who have nothing without questioning their integrity. And I was able to explain how God’s word says, “Give and it shall be given back to you; good measure (meaning not half-filled), pressed down ( to make room for God to put more in), shaken together ( gotta shake it together in order to get even MORE in there) will men give into your lap.”


My daughters are both givers. And I pray it will be given unto them. As only a Heavenly Father can give.



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