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Friday Fives – Morning/Night Edition

on June 21, 2013

Day 271: Night Owl


1. Would you consider yourself a morning person or night person? Or neither?


I’m definitely a night person! I prefer staying up late and sleeping in.

2. How do you get your day going? Coffee? Shower? Exercise?


Shower first, then coffee……through an IV drip. LOL

3. How do you wind down for the day?


Usually catching up on Facebook, YouTube, here, etc….then be sure to wash my face and use lavender night cream. Then curl up in             bed and watch a bit of TV.

4. That’s alarming! Do you wake up to music, the blaring alarm or nothing? And how many times do you normally hit the snooze?


I wake up to an alarm. It goes off about an hour before I have to actually get out of bed. It’s annoying because I really do need a solid hour just to wake up and get acclimated with the morning.

5. Would you consider yourself a sound sleeper, light sleeper or other?


I used to be a sound sleeper. But then I had children. No matter how deep of a sleep I’m in, I can always hear them across the hall.




Your turn!!!!



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