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That’s My Mommy!!!

on July 29, 2013
That's My Mommy

That’s My Mommy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes, I get so wrapped up with my girls, calling them “my” girls, and referencing  how much I do for them. 

Last week, I registered them both for high school (freshman and sophomore). There was a lot of running around and I’m so glad that’s it’s all done. However, I need to give props to someone very special who has helped us getting to this point. 

My mom.


I may have mentioned before that my mom had a beautiful home all to herself before we moved back home. In the last 7 years of living with her, she has been instrumental in my daughters’ lives and in their growing. In what is supposed to be her retirement, she has:


1. gotten up early to make lunches


2. gotten up early to make breakfasts


3. made sure the girls were dressed warmly in the winter weather


4. laid out umbrellas


5. quizzed spelling words


6. offered shoulders when they come home crying


7. took them out when they home after having a bad day


8. prayed like crazy for them each time they’ve had a major exam


9. gave advice to them


10. helped them study


11. rejoiced with every triumph


12. encouraged them whenever they’ve not quite been victorious


13. attended every meeting she’s been able to attend especially Shelby’s IEP meeting (Shelby’s dad has never found the time to even be phone-conferenced in for these meetings nor has he ever contacted me or the school for the outcome)


14. worried about their nutrition


15. provided after-school snacks for them


16. cooked healthy dinners for them


17. cried silently and alone whenever they’ve been hurt


18. always looked for new ways to communicate with them and understand them


19. learned new technology in order to keep touch with them on their level


20. loved them every bit as much as an excellent grandmother could


Often, I feel we take this for granted. She’s always there. But my girls would not be as adjusted, content, stable or healthy were it not for my mom. She’s truly the most amazing woman I know!



One response to “That’s My Mommy!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hear hear!! Very well said!!


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