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on December 1, 2013

Love this article!

Dances With Fat

Reality and PerceptionOften during talks when I show evidence that habits are a better indicator of future health than body size, I get challenged by someone who tells a story of how someone they knew lost weight and got healthier.  I ask if the person changed their behaviors prior to the weight loss and the answer is always say yes.  So why, I ask, do we credit the weight loss for the change in health rather than the behavior change. (And let’s remember that health is not entirely within our control, is not an obligation, and is not a barometer of worthiness.)

It seems to me that the health change and the weight change both follow the behavior change so I don’t understand why, inexplicably, we ignore the behavior changes and credit the weight loss with improving the health. In reality, I think that the research indicates that the weight loss is…

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