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Do They Know It’s Christmas

on December 11, 2013

Get out your banana hair clips, your collar pins, and your hairspray! Dug up those RayBans, shoelace hairclips and your blue eyeshadow! Tear up your sweatshirts, flip up those collars and don the argyle vests! It’s time for the 80’s Christmas canon!!

I owned this 45 (yes, it was a 45 and played on my record player) strictly because Duran Duran was a part of this project. The B side was all the artists saying Happy Christmas and I played that over and over again until my needle broke.

Yet, this song resonates a selfless desire to see all the world contented with having enough. Sit back in your DeLorean as we go back in time…..and let’s Feed The World!


One response to “Do They Know It’s Christmas

  1. Rob Russo says:

    Ok….you got me…..I love you!


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