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Welcome, 2014

on December 29, 2013


Like everyone else, each year, I make New Year’s resolutions.

A resolution, by definition, is “the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination”. Firm determination sounds serious. Unfortunately, not too many would take that phrase seriously, myself included. Proof of this is in the fact that I make resolutions and I break them. Quite easily, I might add.

Not to long ago, I spoke on the seriousness of a promise. Let’s visit the definition of the word ‘promise’: A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow. My favorite is this one: Indication of something favorable to come; an expectation.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to forego the usual “resolutions” and make “promises” to myself. I supply for myself an expectation for the coming year.

  1. Church will be a priority! No matter how tired or lazy I feel. God is never too tired or lazy to meet with me.
  2. I will work harder to help my daughters understand their Faith and know God ever more as a Daddy; their Abba Father.
  3. I will make relationships a priority. No matter how far apart I live from them. No matter how far I have to drive. No matter how much time I’ve spent on the phone at work, I will work harder to let people in my life know how  much they mean to me and how much I love them.
  4. I will get the basement completely cleaned up, cleared out and make it a useful space again.
  5. I will follow through on  the promise I made to Shelby to get her ceiling fixed.
  6. I will follow through on the promise I made to Emilie to get her braces.
  7. I will follow through on the promise I made to Emilie to paint her room.
  8. I will get Shelby’s room painted and the upstairs bathroom, as well.
  9. I will put the finishing touches on the paint job done in my mom’s room.
  10. I will learn to make my dad’s Religious Experience cookies (and thus, hope to take over that tradition).
  11. I will be several pounds lighter and ever so much healthier by the end of the summer! (That’s my goal!) I will do this NOT by dieting but by changing my life, my relationship with myself, my relationship with food and by increasing my desire to be more active and do more.
  12. I will take time for myself and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!
  13. I will complete my crochet projects, including my sister’s blanket, something for my mum, a blanket for me, another for Shelby and another for Emilie.
  14. I will give my girls a GREAT summer where we will go and see and do and experience!
  15. I will sand down the built-in shelves in my room, stain them and paint my room.
  16. I will tile our kitchen table and re-upholster (though I do not know how – I will learn) the chairs.


And lastly, I will be revisiting this list to check these off as they are accomplished. These are not resolutions but promises I make to myself!



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