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The Myth of Prioritizing Our Health

on February 9, 2014

Dances With Fat

One of the justifications for the bullying, stigmatizing, shaming, and paternalism that fat people have to deal with is that it’s because we aren’t prioritizing our health and that’s bad for society.

Of course that’s based on the idea that by looking at someone’s body you can tell their priorities, behaviors and health.  Of course there are people of all sizes who prioritize their health in many different ways for many different reasons.  Of course those are none of our business.  Of course people are under no obligation to prioritize their health in any specific way.  And of course this whole argument is based on stereotypes.  But let’s pretend it’s true – that by looking at fat people you can tell that we don’t prioritize our health.  Then is the poor treatment of fat people justified?

At this moment I am watching late night coverage of the Olympics.  They are…

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