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An Honorable Man

on February 10, 2014

Today marks the 70th birthday of the most honorable man I know.

So, in his honor, I wrote this for him:

Definition of an honorable man:
1. An honorable man is a man who stands by his commitments.
2. An honorable man is a man who proudly defends his country, whether that is by serving in the military, or simply standing up, removing their hat, placing their hand over their heart while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
3. An honorable man is a man who houses his mother-in-law without complaint, and in doing so, teaches his family the value of family.
4. An honorable man still looks at his wife after 43 years of marriage like he is seeing her for the very first time.
5. An honorable man’s first action when he comes home from work is to kiss his wife.
6. An honorable man never tolerates trash talk about his wife or family.
7. An honorable man takes his future wife’s niece on a date (because the niece won’t stop crying).
8. An honorable man takes in his niece, helps to raise her and treats her like one of his own.
9. An honorable man goes to find the owner of the movie theater to find out the name of a song playing overhead before the movie begins because his niece says she likes the song.
10. An honorable man teaches his niece/daughter how to dance by letting her stand on his feet.
11. An honorable man teaches his sons how to be gentlemen and his daughters what they should expect from any man in their life.
12. An honorable man helps others heal from the horrors of war.
13. An honorable man paints his house and then paints it all over again just because his wife says the walls aren’t ‘eggshell’ white but more of ‘angel’s kiss’ white.
14. An honorable man dances with his wife in the living room.
15. An honorable man isn’t afraid to sing along with a movie – in the movie theatre!
16. An honorable man always manages to surprise his wife with a gift.
17. An honorable man remembers her favorite fragrance.
18. An honorable man isn’t afraid to work hard for his family.
19. An honorable man put his family’s needs ahead of his own.
20. An honorable man always loves, always forgives, continually prays and will never be overlooked or forgotten.

You, Jim Mulhearn, have been that man in my life. Because of men like you, my daughters know and understand that there are men of honor is this world. I love you so much and am so proud to call you my “daddy” as well as my uncle, my friend, my knight-in-shining armor and my hero.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!


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