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Why Our Kids are Messed Up

on February 16, 2014

I came across this quote by John Anderson today and it explains why our teens are struggling:

The cry for a father is the cry to be wanted. The 1940’s produced the post-war generation, the ’50’s the silent generation, the ’60’s the dropout generation, the ’70’s the rebelling generation, the ’80’s the self-centered generation, the ’90’s the “unwanted generation.” From abortion to child abuse, from careers to lifestyle, the message we give our children is “We don’t want you!” That is, we don’t want you unless it is convenient for us! We will allow you to be born at our convenience; and, if you are conceived when it is not convenient, we will destroy you. And, when we have allowed you to be born, we will spend time with you when it is convenient. Our children are learning this message….They’re getting the message that “You have no more value than any other commodity in life.”

That is all.


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