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ADHD Help Needed: Apply Within

on February 17, 2014

A couple years ago, Emilie was diagnosed with ADHD. While the diagnosis did not come as a shock, what did was how quickly her doctor then quickly jumped to the conclusion that she would “have to be” medicated.

Now, first, this post is NOT meant to be a debate on the shoulds and should nots of ADHD medicine. I’m smart enough to know there ARE cases where it IS in the child’s best interest to be medicated. However, after lots of prayer and education, I decided Emilie would do better without.

She’s a brilliant girl and I don’t just say that because I’m her mom. She’s been tested by the schools in TX and here in IL – her logic and problem-solving abilities are beyond her years. She has an accelerated intelligence, as her therapist told me. However, Emilie’s problem is her mind moves so fast, she doesn’t often get all the facts she needs to conduct herself on a moment to moment basis. That leads to information needing to be repeated for her to gasp all the pertinent facts. Her teachers at her high school have been exemplary, showing kindness, wisdom and patience and her grades reflect the teamwork that goes on between them and herself.

Daily relationships have become a struggle. You see, Emilie can carry on a conversation. However, her attention becomes broken up and all the words she wants to say and express become jumbled. As she puts it, it’s like lines of written thought that scroll in front of her eyes but they scroll so fast, she can understand them but she can’t capture them enough for her side of the conversation to come out properly. Now, with me and with her family, we’ve developed a habit of giving her a second or two to gather her thoughts and speak when she’s ready. This has worked wonders in terms of her confidence.

However, over the weekend, Emilie broke down to me and expressed a difficulty in her friendships. Seems some are not so kind, or patient. I had suggested to her she tell them, when they tease her, to just be honest with them about it. Unfortunately, ADHD is so common, a few in her group who are ADHD have decided that’s not good enough. They demand answers to questions – like all the “OH MY GOD”s that go with her telling them no, she’s not and why isn’t she medicated. This, coupled with her decisions not to date while in high school, to dress modestly (she doesn’t believe she needs to bare her body for fashion) and to strive to always conduct herself like a lady (no swearing, saying grace before her lunch, eating properly) has made life in high school a little more difficult than she thought.

SIDE NOTE – I feel an incredible, overwhelming sadness that these simple characteristics of a LADY should be so shunned.

This weekend, she fell apart in my arms, crying and wanting to know why she’s so different. After a discussion about ADHD, I asked her if she thought she would be better off with medication. She said no. She said she’d done her own homework on all the different medications out there and she’s made the decision that, while the drugs may help to slow her mind down, she fears the side effects (she’s heard horror stories from the same girls that would be astonished at her not being medicated) and she fears what other parts of her would be slowed down in the process of slowing down her mind. We talked a good long while, and she cried and cried, and when we were done, we began to look at homeopathic ways to help.

So, we are on the hunt for information. We’ve already discussed her diet and she’s already making changes to cut down on her sugar intake. We talked about increasing  her protein intake and staying away from any food dyes. We also talked about becoming workout buddies.

But what I want to know is: Is there anything else I should be doing?


8 responses to “ADHD Help Needed: Apply Within

  1. Rob Russo says:

    I’m on it…..the first thing that came to mind…last week, actually….is meditation. I wonder if she would have an interest in learning a method of meditation that would work for her….with the goal of balancing out her energies. I have felt for a while that her energies are out of whack and grounding and meditation would help a ton with that. As for more….I’m starting on suggestions tonight. Love you both!


    • I appreciate this. Emilie’s doctor had suggested yoga as a means of relaxing her and helping her to slow down. Meditation is something different to me and I’m just not sure about that. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just read an article on webMD that said increasing Omega 3’s and Fiber is helpful.


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