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My Good Thing Today

on March 10, 2014

A while back, I used to follow Deanna Daughtry on twitter. She used to always ask, “What’s your good thing today?”

I decided to do the same thing and I challenge myself to reflect on this daily. What’s your good thing today? Be specific! Obviously, I know my kids are good and it’s good to have a roof, food, job, etc….but I wanted to go a little deeper. 

Something good today was the realization that I can make the future I want to have. I spent yesterday lamenting and being fearful. Fearful that I’m, once again, stuck in my life. Fearful that my children will be stuck just like me. Fearful I will never be able to make their dreams come true. Fearful that, if I push them too hard, I’ll lose them. Fearful over money. Fearful of the burden on my shoulders to be the breadwinner in my home. Fearful I will never be more than what I am in this moment.

I let myself cry a bit. I allowed more anger than this is all worth. I even let it all flow into today. And then, in trying to sort out all these thoughts in my head and trying to determine the what, where, when, how and why of the whole situation, there was a moment of clarity.

That is my good thing today. Clarity. I have no clue how just yet but I have clarity and it’s made me less fearful.

Your turn!


One response to “My Good Thing Today

  1. Rob Russo says:

    Go with the occasional cry-fest! It’s an energy release, and it feels better. Love you!


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