A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……

My Good Thing

on March 11, 2014

Some may say their good thing today was getting through the day without actually punching someone in the throat. I won’t say that as I vowed to give some serious thought to this. 

So, I would say my good thing today was entertaining the thought that until I know what I know about the position someone else is in, don’t make assumptions about their choices. You can take that any way you want and I won’t elaborate. But it is a point to ponder. We question the choices people make around us all the time yet we really don’t ever know or stop to realize the expectation put on them. Now, the effect their choices have on us doesn’t diminish when we do “walk a mile in their shoes” however, it can bring understanding. And understanding can bring a sense of either compassion or empathy. Or simply a sense of peace. 

There really is a light at the end of the tunnel, kids. The question is, which track will you be on when you emerge from the darkness.


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