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My Good Thing: Short and Sweet Edition

on March 12, 2014

Today was one of those days when one event put everything in perspective.

My good thing, or person, I should say is my mother. Today, a close friend’s baby girl didn’t  have such a good day at daycare. I hugged my friend as she went to be with her baby and then sat down and thought of all the single mothers I work with and how blessed I have been these past eight years to always have my mom.

Even since I moved up north and began working, never once have I ever had to worry about the welfare of my girls. My mom has always been here to care for them. No daycare. No trying to find child care situations. No wondering if they’re doing ok home alone. No worrying. My mother has been here every step of the way. My children have been safe and well cared for when I couldn’t be home and even when I took the opportunity to travel to Europe, my mom took care of my babies.

In short, I’m a blessed woman.

So my good person is my mom and my good thing is daily walking through the doors of my place of business knowing the most precious people in my life are in the best hands ever!




One response to “My Good Thing: Short and Sweet Edition

  1. Rob Russo says:

    Indeed!! She rocks! 🙂


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