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Geeks and Nerds

Image by COG LOG LAB. via Flickr

I’m a self-professed girl geek who happens to possess a large quantity of random thoughts (and even a bit of wisdom). Oh, and I like to write about it.

My name is Victoria Sorensen and I’m a single mom to two young women who make my life sparkle. I’ve always felt that I was born an extra-ordinary person trapped inside an ordinary life.

The youngest of five children in an Italian/Irish family, you can say I was rather spoiled as a child. However, I also was alone much as a kid and lived a lot inside of my head. My formative tween year were fraught with bullying but my ever impressive family swooped in and saved me. I have a unique relationship with my family and I love them all very dearly.

Married at the age of 27, I was the mother of two girls by the time I was 30. The relationship was an emotionally and verbally abusive one and I’m thankful to have come out of it with my sanity (and my children) in tact. While they say you can’t be friends to your kids (and I believe that with all my heart), my daughters and I have many “friends” moments out of which we learn much about ourselves and each other.

Today, I pride myself in being a good mom and a wonderful woman. The word ‘survivor’ no longer applies to me as I’m no longer a victim. I have three beautiful sisters who are my best friends in the world. I have two amazing mothers (my mom and aunt) who both had equal hands in raising me. I have cousins, nieces, a nephew, a brother-in-law, two amazing dads (my dad and my uncle) and a fantastic step-mother. Without these people, I cannot survive.

I write for myself first, for my daughters second and for those mentioned third. And in all things, I give glory to God whom I love above all.



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