A Suburban City Girl in A Small Town

Moment by moment……

The Reason Why I Do What I Do

I could say that writing for me has always been a passion but actually, it’s only a recent passion. Dreaming has been my lifelong career. I started out as a dreamer and most likely, will always be a dreamer. To me, there’s nothing like it.

Life is what happens in between the dreams. It enhances the dreams, defines them and gives them meaning. Almost fourteen years ago, one of my dreams became reality when my daughter, Shelby, was born. Thirteen months later, an unexpected dream came to pass with the birth of my daughter, Emilie.

I have realized lately more and more that I have passed on my dreaming gene to them. But I don’t want them to live a life full of dreams and nothing more. I want those dreams to come to pass. I want all of them to come to pass. So I figured if I can’t live my dreams as much as I want to, I will write about them.

So for my two little dreamers in the hopes that all they desire will come true for them, I dedicate this blog.

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